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Electric car charging at home with efaraday group Ltd

efaraday have installed an Easee One EV charger at your new home.

  • This has a 3 year warranty from date of install
  • Charging power up to 7.4kW
  • Single Phase
  • Free for life eSIM
  • Over the Air updates
  • Type B RCD protection
  • Inbuilt PEN fault detection

As part of our partnership with Skyhouse we will service your charger annually for the first 3 years free of charge and monitor it 24/7 remotely with the aim of resolving any issues before you even know you have one

How to use your charger

There are two ways you can use your charger; via RFID tag or by using the iEquos app.


Your charger has been set up with a RFID tag.

This is a unique tag set up for your property and cannot be used on any other EV charger.

Please keep this tag safe.

  • Present the tag to the bottom of the light strip.
  • Connect the charging cable to the Easee charger and your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle should start charging

Using the iEquos App

The first time you want to use the app. Please call efaraday 0330 0021154.

We will set you up on the app. We will need your house address, email address and the serial number from this booklet.

Accessing the portal

You will receive as email confirming your login details.

Your Username will be your email address.

A password will be allocated automatically, but we strongly advise you change this to one of your own, when you first login into the platform.

The Phone App

The home page will show your EV charger. This provides an overview of your EV charger.

To start charging using the app

Just Click on ‘Start Charging’ or scan the QR code by clicking icon on the top of your screen.



This shows you the summary of your usage in £, kWH , time and CO2 saving.

This can be viewed by week, month or by year.

Click on the ‘Account’ icon at the bottom of your screen, this provides you access to fully control your EV charger and your app.

My Details provide you access to change and update your details.

My Card allows you to add your bank details, so you can use any public charger supported by iEquos. These are saved securely by ‘Stripe banking app’.

My Reservations can be used on some larger sites, where you would need to book parking/charging session.*

My vehicles here you can add your car make, model and registration number, this will enables iEquos to produce more accurate CO2 savings.

My Tags you can add your RFID tag number here.

My Tariffs by adding your energy costs and your energy type, will produce accurate usage summaries.

Your Account


Your EV charger information

Charger Serial Number

Charger Pin Number

Install Date …………..

General maintenance

  • Ensure that the charger does not have any signs of mechanical damage.
  • Visually inspect the Type 2 socket for wear and tear at regular intervals according to local regulations. If the pins are discoloured or damaged, please contact efaraday.


The product does not require cleaning to operate properly. Nevertheless, if the product needs to be cleaned for cosmetic reasons, this is possible.

  • Use a damp cloth and an all-purpose household cleaner. Avoid using strong chemicals that contain oil or alcohol, as this will discolour the plastic.
  • Do not use running water or high pressure water jets


If your charger needs to be repaired, please contact efaraday


  • Charging cable is stuck in the EV charger.

Disconnect the cable from the vehicle.

Fully push the charging cable into the charge point

Press & hold the small touch button above the LED light strip on the EV charge, until the cable releases.

Charger LED interface:

Light Description Status
White constant light only at the bottom Standby
White – constant Car connected
White – pulsating Charging in progress
Blue – constant Smart charging enabled
Blue – Pulsating Smart charging in progress
Flashing Green Over air update happening
White – flashing Awaiting authentication
Red – Flashing with warning sounds Critical error – Turn off power and remove charging cable. Contact efaraday
Red – Constant light General error. Unplug the charging cable and restart the charge. If the problem continues contact efaraday
Red – Constant light with warning sounds Broken PEN detected. Please call efaraday

For further information contact

Efaraday support helpline 0330 00211 54

Easee Technical helpline 020399 46725 or visit

*Commercial sites only.

Answers to the most common issues can be found here using our guides.

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