Our vision

Our vision is to build sensitively dense, blended communities that are naturally sustainable using innovative technologies and robust materials.


Naturally sustainable

We are making big strides towards zero-carbon. All our homes are already zero gas and naturally sustainable but we aim to go even further.

We are committed to delivering over 150 homes per year for the missing middle. People, place and planet are at the heart of everything we do.

We are working with our partners on modern methods of construction to reduce waste and carbon emissions, incorporating new eco-friendly technologies such as solar and EV charging, and so much more. All with the planet (and you) in mind.

We want to help save the earth but also put a bit back in your pocket too!

Kids Plant Trees

We are proudly supporting local initiative Kids Plant Trees. Kids Plant Trees is a social enterprise that works with families and schools across South Yorkshire to give children the opportunity to get their hands dirty, plant trees and enjoy time in nature.

We are working together to plant 5,000 trees in schools and parks across South Yorkshire this tree season (November 2022 – March 2023), to transform school playgrounds into greener spaces that are better for kids and wildlife, and to supply gardening equipment, planters and shrubs for schools.

Kids Plant Trees started as a voluntary initiative in January 2020 and has planted more than 6,000 trees at sites across South Yorkshire (despite the pandemic!) The initiative has been shortlisted for a BBC Radio Sheffield Make a Difference Award, with the winner due to be announced in September 2022.

Anna Parkin, director at Kids Plant Trees, says:

“We’re really pleased Sky-House can see the potential for Kids Plant Trees to make a difference in our local communities.

There’s lots of research to suggest kids benefit from enjoying nature both physically and mentally.

We also know not every child, even in this great green region, has easy access to nature.

We want to change that and we want to help develop a love and respect for nature from a young age.

We will do this by working with councils and landowners to provide free family planting events.

We have some great school projects on the go that will make concrete playgrounds greener.

We’re also developing a Kids’ Committee with free forest-school workshops where children can have their say on what they want from their local green spaces.”

To find out more visit kidsplanttrees.org.

Built with the planet (and you) in mind


Good for the planet.

Energy efficient homes that don't cost the Earth
  • Indoor heat pumps
  • Solar panels
  • EV charging
  • App enabled electric heating
  • EPC Rating C or above

A Sky-House vs. a typical home

New build homes are built to high performance levels when compared to existing UK housing stock. According to the National Home Improvement Council, work needed on older homes to meet modern standards of energy efficiency could cost £30,000.

New build homes have good levels of insulation, efficient heating systems and double or triple glazing. At Sky-House Co, we go one step further. Our homes also feature solar panels, EV charging points, eco-friendly heat pumps for renewable hot water and more.


See our ambition to build a better world.

We want to help all people in our communities live better lives, not just by creating great places to live but a great company to work with and for.

We recently launched graduate and apprentice career opportunities across all aspects of the company for anyone who is passionate about housing and the way we should live.

We want site managers, local trades people, suppliers, dreamers and big believers. We want to help anyone with their own business whether it’s a start-up or long-standing firm with family traditions. We want to build a trusted supply chain of award-winning people. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. If you love what we do, and you think you can help us to do it even better, please get in touch.

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