How can SMEs deal with real-estate issues?

Real estate is currently beset by economic, policy and environmental challenges – which particularly affect SMEs. Read more about it here:

Apartments and houses coming to historic ‘Little Chicago’

We are delighted to have exchanged contracts for our second city centre Sky-House Co neighbourhood in Sheffield. Historically dubbed ‘Little Chicago’ during the Sheffield Gangwars, our project will knit the development into the narrow and steep streets forming a new characterful and contextual neighbourhood that will expand on the great work built in Kelham Island! Apartments and houses coming to historic ‘Little Chicago’

Back-to-Backs are BACK!

History of Back-to-Back housing: Back-to-backs are a form of terraced house, built from the late 18th century through to the early 20th century in various forms. Many thousands of these dwellings were built during the Industrial Revolution for the rapidly increasing population of expanding factory towns. Banned by building regulations formulated by housing reformers 100 years Back-to-Backs are BACK!

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is more than the materiality of a group of buildings, it involves aspects such as sociability and connections to create bonds between people and generate a sense of place. Centring the needs, aspirations, desires and visions of a community strongly requires participation. “People live in places, not just homes. It’s important to provide a What is Placemaking?

What are ‘brownfield’ sites and why do we build on them?

A brownfield site refers to previously developed land, which is or was occupied by a permanent structure. If we develop on brownfield land we encourage urban regeneration and add value back to derelict land. Making use of previously-developed land promotes sustainable development and reduces the pressure on greenfield sites. Brownfield development also reduces infrastructure costs What are ‘brownfield’ sites and why do we build on them?

Top Five Things to Do in Yorkshire

Living in Yorkshire Whether you were born and bred in God’s Own Country or have been welcomed as an adopted Yorkie, you’ll be familiar with the county’s vibrant personality and verdant landscape. With friendly, bustling communities and a strong sense of humour, the reasons why Yorkshire is the best place to live are endless!   Top Five Things to Do in Yorkshire

How to design a successful roof garden

Plants wouldn’t naturally choose to grow on a rooftop. This is a completely different experience from designing a garden on the ground, where lots of plants happily grow. There are several key things to consider: how much weight can your roof bare? will they survive their environment? and will they get too big for the How to design a successful roof garden

How to increase biodiversity in your garden

According to The Wildlife Trust, the UK has roughly 24 million gardens, all of which are larger than our National Nature Reserves combined. As they point out, that’s a lot of extra space for wildlife! If you want to attract wildlife to your garden, plants are the best place to start. From forget-me-nots in Spring, How to increase biodiversity in your garden

Bdaily: Jöro team bringing award-winning flavours to Oughtibridge Mill

We are delighted to share that the award-winning Sheffield restaurant, Jöro, is set to bring its nationally acclaimed flavours to Oughtibridge Mill. For more information on the transformation of the original mill, read the full article here:   For other articles: Historic converted mill set for restaurant development

The Business Desk: Land acquired to develop 60 homes and commercial start-up premises

We are delighted to announce that we have completed the purchase of land on Egerton Street, between Devonshire Green and Charter Row in central Sheffield, to enable works to start on dozens of new homes. To read more about the development, Devonshire Quarter, view the article here:     For further articles: