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Your sprinker system

Your home may come with an automatic sprinkler system if the building is over a certain height.


An automatic sprinkler system is a fire suppression device. It operates in the event of a fire when the sprinkler heads are subjected to the heat generated which will in turn activate the heads. The sprinklers operate by releasing a spray of water droplets to suppress or extinguish a fire as soon as the heat from the fire heats the air to a certain temperature. This will be within a short time of the fire starting and therefore prevent the fire from taking hold and spreading within the room or rest of the home. The system consists of:

  • A water supply, either from a water tank or from the mains supply.
  • A sprinkler water stop valve which needs to be kept open (if shut, it will prevent water from being supplied to the sprinkler). This is usually located in the service cupboard.
  • Hidden pipework to feed the water to the sprinklers, in the same way that hidden pipework takes water to your taps and appliances.
  • A series of sprinkler heads in most rooms of the home. For aesthetics reasons, the sprinklers will most likely be a concealed sprinkler heads hidden beneath small circular plates set flush against the ceiling; and
  • An alarm, activated independently of your smoke alarm.

Further guidance can be found via The British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association (BAFSA).


Due to the nature of the design of your home, sprinklers are required by building control to maintain a safe means of exit in the event of a fire. The system is designed to save lives and prevent injuries. Fire sprinklers will also prevent extensive damage to your home in the event of a fire. They are an important addition to the fire safety features in your home, such as smoke detectors.


The flow switches and isolation valves should be tested annually. Inspections of the system must be carried out by an approved sprinkler contactor. This is to maintain the validity of the Completion Certificate and warranty, as per British Standard guidelines.

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