Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

At Sky-House Co we are all about making things local again. In a global world it’s easy to forget about the things nearest you in search of the things that are far away and glamorous.

That’s why we want you to natter with your neighbour, play in our pocket parks or shop, eat, drink and play around our community hubs.
Here are some of our commitments:


We are Sheffield. We are South Yorkshire. We want to help all people in our communities live better lives by not just creating great places to live but a great company to work with and for.

We are launching graduate and apprentice career opportunities across all aspects of the business alongside careers for anyone else for that matter who’s passionate about housing and the way we should live.

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do now. If you love what we do, and you think you can help us to do it even better, then please get in touch.

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We want local trades people and suppliers; we want to help anyone with their own business whether it’s a start-up or long-standing firm with family traditions. We want to build a trusted supply chain of award winning people.

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Hopefully you know what we are all about by now – sensitively compact communities, walkable, sustainable, beautiful and robust. Design driven but affordable. All those things and more – we want to keep learning and keep improving to benefit us all!

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We are moving towards zero carbon and zero gas. Our homes are already naturally sustainable and low energy but we aim to go even further.

We are working with partners on modern methods of construction, new technology, EV chargers and much, much more. All with the planet (and you) in mind.

We want to help save the earth but also put a bit back in your pocket too!

Social Impact

People are often quite rightly worried about new developments. Mass housing plonked on cul-de-sacs with nothing to do. Car dependent. Dull.

We are trying to change this one development at a time. We want our homes to become places where you can live, work, play and rest – whilst enjoying a balanced life that’s not dependent on cars and commuting. A place with a beating heart.

We want to work with local businesses, communities and suppliers to boost the local economy. We love independent businesses that do amazing things at a local level – we want our new places to be specific, vernacular but anchored to the spirit of the place.

We will always strive to do better.

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