Sky-House Co wins ‘The Planet Saver – Green Business of the Year’ at SBA 2022

Sky-House Co wins ‘The Planet Saver – Green Business of the Year’ at SBA 2022

We are proud to have won ‘ award at the Sheffield Business Awards 2022. This award recognises and rewards a business that has shown an outstanding commitment to managing its environmental impact.

Judges were looking for a demonstration of the sustainability of the company activities and initiatives, and how they contribute to our environmental impact; evidence of ways the company drive’s positive change in the industry and across the supply chain; and evidence of how green activities have contributed to business success, growth, and financial performance.

Our ‘gentle density’ approach to housing means that we are naturally sustainable in how we build, with back to back terraces that are more economical to build, optimizing space and creating pockets of greenery for residents to thrive. All our schemes now champion a zero gas approach, with solar panels and eco-friendly MEV indoor heat pumps for hot water included as standard. Our higher density approach to building is softened with substantial soft landscaping, pocket parks and community gardens. Our developments utilise existing brownfield land and reduces car dominance. All homes have access to a dedicated parking space with electric vehicle charging capabilities. Swift bricks are incorporated into the building fabric and bat boxes installed on site, with
communal green spaces providing the perfect habitats for ecosystems to thrive.

Each home benefits from a high specification as standard, with a fabric-first approach. Every homebuyer will have access to the above high specification without any additional cost. Our mission is to change the way people think about our towns and cities, by creating sensitively dense, blended communities that are naturally sustainable, using innovative technologies and high-quality materials; and by working with local partners to achieve this vision. All our employees understand our company values which create a framework for our actions and guide everything we do, from how we interact with our employees to our customers, collaborators, suppliers, and our wider community.

Our Waverley Phase 02 development currently on site is the first project by Sky-House Co where we have incorporated modern methods of construction with a steel framing system. The EOS Framing Thru-Build System is a robust, flexible and efficient way of building, which lends itself well to our back-to-back style of building. This method is up to 60% quicker to install on-site than traditional methods, meaning the building can be watertight much quicker allowing for internal works to commence much earlier in the build programme. It also reduces waste, is more cost effective, improves precision and is more sustainable with steel being 100% recyclable. The reduced number of deliveries also reduces carbon emissions.

Our greatest achievement to date has been the securing of our BOPAS Accreditation. The Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) is a robust set of standards and procedures put in place to ensure continuous high quality and durability of offsite components. Whilst not a requirement for SFS construction, Sky-House Co have adopted a proactive approach to ensuring our supply chain adhere to the highest industry standards. We are also proud of the strong community engagement we initiate with each development. At Waverley we have been working in collaboration with Waverley Junior Academy, supplying them with labour and materials to enable the school to grow their own fruit and vegetables, and donations towards benches designed for growing strawberry plants. We have also been involved with Waverley Buds, a local gardening groups working with them to create a community garden adjoining the development, and Oughtibridge Gala charities where we were the headline sponsor to support their annual gala for the local community. We have also recently formed a new partnership with local initiative Kids Plant Trees, a social enterprise that works with families and schools across South Yorkshire to give children the opportunity to get their hands dirty, plant trees and enjoy time in nature.

We have plans to go even further, with all future sites to utilise modern methods of construction to reduce waste during construction. We continue to explore ways of reducing carbon in construction on our journey to net zero and the latest eco technologies to reduce running costs for our customers.

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